Blogging with Students

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How to use blogs with students in the classroom:
Teachers First: Blogging Basics
Tranitioning to Web2.0 : Blogging (Grades 9-12)
Atomic Learning : what is a Blog?

RATIONALE for educational blogging
READ the commentson this blog post / prompt from David Warlick's 2-cents worth blog that cover more rationale for blogging with students

PBWiki from Digitally Speaking (Bill Ferriter)
What are we doing? Blogging in the Classroom

RUBRIC for evaluating blogging

Explorations in Learning blog post on using blogging in the classroom and
PPT presentation for teachers considering using blogging to learn languages

What to teach students in order to blog

USTREAMED presentation by Konrad Glogowski at NECC in June 2008 (at about 1:30 you do get to see Konrad and not Will, who is setting up the ustream before the presentation.
Konrad's written descriptionof his success with blogging in his 7th/8th grade classes in Canada. Great blog post on the theories and practices of blogging with students.

Great blog post of examples of student work in their blogs : year 6 - year 10 in Australia

Kindergarten Class Blog: Mrs. Poulin's Blog This is a great example of embedded media, particularly video, voicethread, images, and a weekly newsletter.

WHS Art : My posts for art students. 0708 posts are as a group/ class blog with student posts; 0809 are my posts with links to student blogs in the sidebar, and those blogs are being used as e-portfolios and critique opportunities.
Yarmouth High School Art Blogs : now, these are impressive. Click on the student names on the right to see the individual student blogs.

Class Blogs by teacher Christian Long, with student responses in the comments : 10th grade (2 classes) and 10th grade Honors students

Student blogs with comments:
Students2.0 Innovate or Die Think Different
Student Opinion on DOPA legislation
Myspace thoughts and comments
Comments on a teacher prompt " What have you done to contribute to and improve the United States of America (other than being born here, which was fortunate for us indeed) that entitles you to more rights and happiness than an illegal alien? Than a legal immigrant?"
Comments on a teacher prompt " What are employers looking for?"